Bath and Shower

What Steps Would You Take to Set Up a Cute, Small Bathroom That Is User Friendly Too?

No matter the dimensions of the bathroom, it must contain some essential services like the shower and the toilet, a tap and a sink. Regarding design, will a small space be limited in options? Not really. If the aim is to set up a bathroom that is both pretty and functional, read on to discover a few tricks to cope with the restrictions of smaller spaces.

A lot depends upon the color matching scheme

The impressions created by colors result in a visual expansion or diminution of the space. If you choose a neutral shade as the base theme, it does create a peaceful environment. A great variety of wall tiles made up of glass ( mirror, crackle or blended one) or with attractive textures would have a high impact.

Further, it would help to install wall and floor tiles of similar color. It then appears that the two surfaces have blended and a sense of continuity prevails. If contrasting colors are used, they divide the space. With less of the contrast, space appears so much bigger.

Glass surroundings create largeness

While shower curtains block the view and break up the space, glass allows transparency and expands the vision. Besides, the sliding glass doors promote a wholesome esthetic effect in the confined bathroom.

Develop a structured arrangement

Installing the vanity on the wall creates an illusion of space beside promoting hygiene on the floor that could be used for further storage options. Lots of essentials get stored there like towels and brushes, paper and soap. Maintain a clear countertop, absolutely free from stray things.

Light up each area

Bigger spaces could be created through ample lighting in every corner beside the mirror and the center of the ceiling. If you have dark areas, the room feels much smaller. Avoid the use of dark curtains or cabinets since they would create gloomy effects. Maximize natural light to heighten the sense of space.

Select compact sanitary fixtures

Choose a rectangular basin and mount it on the narrow wall. Install a mirror alongside to create a focus. Make the corner functional with a small, round sink too. Such space saving effects would result in a manageable bathroom that serves its purpose well.

The bathroom may be austere but functional, esthetic and smart in simplicity. Depending on the proportions, there seems not much else that could possibly be installed, unless space permits it, like a bathtub.