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Whether to Rent or Not To Rent a Portable Toilet

The indoor restroom is a nominal choice for limited usage, perhaps the perfect fit for less frequent use though. Then comes portable toilet, a square-shaped movable unit with all the necessary features incorporated within the compartment. It plays a vital role as restroom where the indoor facility stays back. Just like a construction site, birthday party, wedding ceremony, live concert, sports event and public events and for many other special occasions; portable toilet is a standout choice for sanitation facility outdoors.

Since the unit has many up lines in its benefits column, many individuals have expressed some down lines too, such as

  • Stinky smell
  • Lack of cleanness
  • Unmatchable units (old fashioned products)
  • Lack of on-time delivery of the unit
  • Pricey rental tags

On the other hand, the most of the long-term customers are satisfied with portable toilet performance so far, also they have expressed a positive opinion about the facility. Whereas the service provider’s opinion remains same in this context too, they believe, only a wrong selection of the unit or lack of proper information about the vendor service would result in uncertainty but it’s not the same if you are careful making a rental choice.

Let’s keep the opinion aside and take a dive into the context to know whether to rent or not to rent a portable toilet.

Stinky smell: The ambiance of the unit is essential to comfort the user. The poor maintenance of the unit would result in stinky smell and the chances of individual accessing the unit will reduce. Thus the regular cleaning is important to keep the unit clean and smell good. Although, sometime you may also receive a partially cleaned unit from the service provider; it could be unintentional attempt though.

If you follow the basics to ensure the status of the unit during the delivery; it would save you from the awkward situation. Therefore, portable toilet doesn’t come with the stinky smell, but poor maintenance does.

Lack of cleanness: In contrast to the indoor restroom, cleaning the portable toilet is easier and less time taking process, also once it gets cleaned; it can be sustainable for multiple uses. The lack of cleanness may cause adverse effects such as poor hygiene and stinky smell and like that. When not cleaned, it may leave a negative impact on user mindset, where they assume renting a portable toilet is a serious mess and they refrain from utilizing the facility.

Most of the service providers offer the cleaning facility for both long and short term rentals; also you need to check the unit condition while they deliver it to your location.

Unmatchable units: The well-maintained unit will never look old nor out of fashion, it’s all about the customer perspective from unit to unit. For parties and special occasions, people tend to choose well furnished and good looking unit, which could cost little more than the usual. If you are certain about the specific model or color then you may need to spend few extra bucks.

Keeping the trend on forth, service providers will revamp the units according to customer need, thus its rare chance where you find the old fashioned unit.

Lack of on-time delivery of the unit: When you place an order at the last moment, and you receive the unit late or sometime service provider cancels the order due to some reason, then it is a horrible situation for any individual. These scenarios take place due to two reasons either, customer call or service provider call.

When you choose a service provider, got through the customer reviews about their service; it helps you make a sensible decision. And sometimes, due to bad weather or transportation issues; a service provider may not keep up the timing, but these situations rare these days, they always have their backup plan to ensure the punctuality.

Pricey rental tags: Before contacting a service provider, you might have searched for how much does it cost to rent a portable toilet? It is sensible to move though, but how good is the obtained result, are you satisfied with it? Well, the rental price tends to change based on the location, season, and the amenities, thus, you need to have a clear picture on the prerequisites of renting a portable toilet such as a number of participants, duration, and the budget range. If you are sure about what you need, then it’s not difficult task to search for a cheaper rental deal.

Renting a portable toilet is based on the type of requirement, approximate budget limit, duration of rental period and of course the trustworthy service provider. Thus, it’s not about whether to rent or not to rent a portable toilet, but it’s all about how good you understand your requirement and make smart a rental decision.