Cleaning Tips and Tools

The Best Way to Clean Silver Jewelry

Silver is a beautiful, pure and soft metal. In today’s time silver jewelry has gained so much popularity. Cleaning and caring of silver jewelry is very simple. To maintain the shine and beauty of your silver jewelry small care and maintenance is needed.

You all know that silver is a soft metal and proper care is needed. When you buy any silver jewelry just keep in mind that it does cause some kind of damage so proper care is needed regularly.

Most important is to store your jewelry which makes it shine forever. Place your jewelry in plastic bag and keep in mind that other piece of jewelry is not included in plastic bag; it will protect it from air which causes quick tarnishing.

Tarnishing is caused by moisture in the air. It first looks like a golden color and turns into a black color. So prevent silver jewelry from the air which results in tarnishing. For cleaning your jewelry use cotton cloth and flannel cloth regularly. A synthetic cloth can cause scratches to your jewelry. You can also use tooth brush and apply toothpaste and rub it softly and after that clean it with a cotton cloth. You can also purchase a silver cleaning cloth which include anti-tarnishing ingredients and keep it in the bag for quick cleaning.

You can use liquid soap with warm water and by using a soft cloth you can apply this solution to your jewelry and remove dirt or you dip your jewelry into the solution. After doing that you will take your jewelry out so you may dry it and rinse it off. You can see immediate results when using liquid cleaner, it will also remove makeup or light dirt.

For heavy dirt use a special silver cleaner and it is also known as silver dips. If your jewelry includes gemstones than great care is needed in cleaning. Do not use synthetic cleaner because stone are porous in nature and break down from the absorption of the chemical.

For proper cleaning of silver baking soda is used to remove stains and tarnish but the disadvantage is that they cause some minor chemical reaction when they come in direct contact. Take 2 teaspoons of soda in bowl and add warm water, apply liquid on cotton cloth or sponge and rinse the silver and dry it with a soft cloth.

For shining and good looking regular cleaning is most important which will give an antique look. By wearing your jewelry more the less you have to clean it.