Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficient Lighting – Choosing The Most Energy Efficient Lights

The recent economic down trend face by the world economies was due to various reasons. One of the most major reasons of this economic downfall was energy crises. When energy crises and shortage of energy was recognized by the different countries; they started taking measures to solve this issue. One way out of these issues was forced conservation; instead of providing benefit this solution provided losses to economies. Due to shortage of energy many energy efficient lighting methods have been recognized. These energy efficient lighting methods include: LED lighting, Compact Fluorescent lighting (CFL) and Next Generation Halogen lighting.

Nearly 100 years back when Thomas Alva Edison introduced the world’s greatest miracle called light bulb; people were very happy and about this introduction but they never knew that a time will come when they will need to look for energy efficient lighting. People went on using energy assuming that it will never come to an end and today the time has come when the world fears that one day there will be not lighting.

New methods of solving lighting issues and ways of reducing energy consumption have been produced by researchers and scientists. One of the major ways of solving energy crises is LED lighting. LED stands for light emitting diode; use of this lighting system aids in saving a lot of energy. LEDs are not made of filament that needs to be burned in order to produce light; the incandescent light bulbs and tube lights acquire a lot of energy to burn the filament and then provide light. So a lot of energy is not wasted if LEDs are used.

Currently the world is using CFLs or Compact Florence lighting which is known for its cheapness and efficiency. These light bulbs last about more than 10 times than the incandescent ones and consume less than two thirds than incandescent ones. The CFLs are well known for reducing electricity bills but a CFL lighting product is costlier than incandescent ones. But the benefits you gain from using these lights are more than the money you spend on purchasing them.

The last but not the least method of providing energy efficient lighting is the next generation halogen bulbs. These are incandescent bulbs infused halogen gas and they provide a very clean bright light. But they are even known for wasting energy like their predecessors because they even burn but they consume about 10% lesser energy than their predecessors.