Refinish Parquet Wood Floors: Considerations

If you want to refinish parquet wood floors but you do not have enough experience to do the job, you have to make sure that you will keep in touch with the contractors who can do the job in your place. This is important because refinishing the floors is considered as one of the most difficult application procedures that the contractors can perform for your flooring. The thickness of the veneer layer or the hardwood flooring can contribute a lot to this concern.

If your floor has relatively thin wear layers, the contractors may opt to coat and screen the area. These procedures can greatly aid in enhancing the appearance of the surface. This is provided that the wear level of the original flooring finish has been a pressing concern ever since. The contractors may find it impossible to remove the scratch marks on the surface, in case these are present on the flooring. In case scratch marks are already present on the surface of the floor, a replacement may be warranted.

If you really want to opt for the procedures to refinish parquet wood floors, you have to determine the general condition of the inner layers of your flooring. The contractors may have some trouble in dealing with the surface if the flooring has previously been installed without paying close attention to the preparation of the materials that were used for the installation itself. The same concerns may also arise if the previous contractors have installed the flooring with uneven leveling.

For the flooring with relatively thick layers, the contractors will have to consider performing refinishing at least twice for the entire area. Depending on the extent of wear and tear that may be present on the surface, the contractors may even need to perform additional refinishing procedures for the entire area. The work of the contractors will heavily depend on the following factors: (1) knowledge of the finisher; (2) workmanship of the members of the team; and (3) the general leveling of the surface that will be subjected to refinishing.

As for any type of floor refinishing jobs, the contractors will also need to assess the amount of dust present in close relation to the work that will be done on the area. This is especially important if there is a member of your household who is extremely allergic to dust. Another reason for taking this into consideration is the experts’ insight on the amount of dust present in the work area. In most of the cases, lower levels of dust that settles after refinishing means that the contractors have done a good job.

In the processes to refinish parquet wood floors, the contractors will most likely be required to perform partial refinishing if they find out that the sole concern for the flooring is the lack of sheen. This may take around eight hours to finish, on average. This may take longer or shorter, depending on the total floor area that the contractors may be working on.