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Epoxy Garage Flooring Paint Installation

If you are planning to paint your garage flooring, then you should be prepared for a lot of preparation work before you begin to paint. A large majority of the preparation process involves cleaning your floor until its spotless. Many people’s garage floors are filled with oil, grease, dirt, dust, salt, and many other substances so cleaning your floor may take a lot of work. If you decide to clean and paint your floor, then you are saving yourself a lot of time in the future. Garage flooring paint makes cleaning grease and oil spills easy, so when your floor is done, it will look nicer and you don’t need to spend a lot of time cleaning your floor.

Before you begin to install your paint, you must make all of the preparation requirements are completed. The first step you need to do is see if your garage floor has a sealant applied to it. If your floor is sealed, then epoxy paint won’t bond to your floor until it is removed. An easy way to check for sealants is to pour water all around your floor and see how long it takes for the concrete to absorb the water. If the water goes away relatively quickly, then there most likely isn’t a sealant on your floor. If the water beads out and doesn’t get absorbed, then the builders did install a sealant and you need to look at some ways to get it removed.

If sealants are not an issue than you can begin the cleaning processes. You must make sure that all dirt and residue is off of your floor because even the smallest particle of dust can drastically impact the final result. The first thing you should do is give your garage a good sweeping to get rid of the initial dirt, dust and salt. Then you should use a power washer to get the rest of the dirt residue as well as any oil and grease stains that are embedded into your floor. After the power washing your floor should be clean enough to start adding a primer and initial epoxy coats.

Most garage floors must have a primer and two coats of epoxy for optimum results. Each coat needs around four to six hours to dry so this project could take all day. If you want to use epoxy as your garage flooring cover, then you may want to consider hiring a professional. They can save you hours of preparation and they will make sure that the final result comes out exactly how you want it. Professionals will cost you a little more money but if your floor looks better, is better protected, and comes out the way you want it then it may be the best option for you.