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Foam Insulation Products for Central Air Conditioning HVAC Ducts

Okay, so this does not sound like it will be a fun project. Unfortunately the time has come for you to purchase; and have installed, foam installation products for central air conditioning HVAC ducts. Although technically you could do this yourself it is strongly recommended you hire a professional. Most of the foam insulation products are highly flammable and the fumes from the smoke are toxic. Unless you are a handyman extraordinaire do yourself a favor and hire an expert.

Right about now you may be wondering why this is so important. Chances are good you are undertaking this task in the first place because it is apparent to you there is a problem. Perhaps your utility bills have skyrocketed or you have noticed the bedrooms are a little drafty. If you do not have new foam insulation products installed, these problems will not go away. Instead they will get worse and worse over time. That is your answer to the question of why this is necessary. You want to end these troubles once and for all. So make the appointment with a professional today.

A crucial part of this project that must always precede an installation of foam insulation products is the testing and sealing part. Whether you are a professional installer or Mr. Fix-it around your home, DO NOT forget this part. The first reason is obvious. If you do not test and seal your HVAC ductwork before you begin, the insulation will be ineffective and will not solve the problem. That negates the reason for the installation in the first place. What may not be so obvious is that the materials you are using can easily become too hot and can literally catch on fire. There is no need to remind you of how devastating a fire can be. Once again, please heed our warnings and call a professional.

Although there are a few different styles of foam insulation products, the most commonly used in homes is the blanket wrap style. This kind is popular because you do not have to take apart the ductwork in order to install it. Rather you just wrap it around your ductwork as if it actually was a blanket; hence the name. Your other option is a form of duct insulation sleeve. Once again be reminded that this kind requires you to take apart your ductwork to install it. Whichever materials you decide to go with please avoid trouble and have a professional do it. A professional installer has the knowledge needed to do the job correctly and is insured should there be a mishap. The risk of an accident happening lessens ten-fold if an expert is doing the work. If a foam insulation project is on the horizon, call your local central air conditioning HVAC duct man today.