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Simple Spring Home Maintenance Tips

Spring is here and most people do still take the time to do that big spring clean. But, while you are vacuuming, dusting and uncluttering, you should also be making sure that your home is in a decent state of repair.

Fixing all the little problems now, many of them that may have been caused by the bad weather, will potentially save you a great deal of money. Little problems around the house have a way of turning into huge headaches if left unchecked, so here is a spring home maintenance checklist that, if followed, should help you make sure that your home is ready for the summer months ahead.

Deck Maintenance

If your deck has been covered with an inch of snow for the last few months the fact that it probably needs a little TLC should be no surprise. Although a good power wash can be the best way to restore your deck’s appearance, you should also make sure that the winter months have not damaged its structural integrity. If you have any concerns after thoroughly inspecting your deck call in a pro now instead of trying to patch things up yourself, which often only makes matters worse.

Check Your Gutters

When it was cold and miserable outside not cleaning out your gutters was understandable. However, that means that the chances are all those leaves that fell last fall are still there, cluttering up your gutters and presenting a potential problem. Now is the time to get rid of them and make sure that they are still in good shape.

Schedule an HVAC Checkup

The need to use your air conditioner may still be a few months away but the time to schedule a check up for your HVAC system is now. If you wait until June to discover that something is not quite right, you may find yourself spending more than a few days wilting in the heat because your HVAC company is booked solid.

Consider an Exterior Paint Job

Spring is the ideal time to have the exterior of your home repainted if it is looking a little shabby. If you paint at the height of the summer the higher temperatures may mean that the paint can be affected by all that heat and humidity and you may end up having to have it redone again far sooner than you should.

Wash the Windows

The one thing that it is easy to neglect (or purposely avoid) is cleaning your windows. However, after all that bad weather they really are going to need it. If ladders are not your thing spend the extra few dollars to call in a professional window washing company to do those tricky second story windows.

Check All Your Summer Tools

Is your lawnmower still working?

Does the grill still fire up?

How about that patio furniture, is it really up to another season in the sun?

Spring is the best time to check all of these things to avoid disappointment when the really good weather arrives and most stores still have great deals on summer items that will be gone by the time the summer sun comes out for good.