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Landscape Design Ideas For a Truly Relaxing Backyard

For most of us, life is really hectic with families, jobs and homes, taking most of our time. That leaves little time to enjoy outdoors or look for peaceful natural surroundings for relaxation. We generally tend to overlook the possibility of creating such spaces within our homes. Yes, you can create tranquil peaceful areas by designing the landscape in your backyard. Fortunately, there are numerous landscapes designs that help doing just that. Here are some of those:

Rounded Patios

Most people take patios to be rectangular or square for granted. You can find a lot of natural things to have rounded corners. Why not your landscapes? You can greatly enhance the looks of such a patio by including round furniture therein. You may even consider installing a fire pit or water element in its middle. Perhaps, you would like including a petite Zen garden in the middle of the enclosure or around it.

Fire Pits

Landscape designs need not necessarily have just flowers. If you possess more space, installing a suitably sized fire pit is an excellent way of creating warm and comfortable outdoor space. Consider using natural stones in striking shapes and colors. When you are on limited budget, it will be nice using bricks and concrete to get a modern look.


Very few are fortunate enough to have a bubbling stream at the back of their home. However, one can consider having a fountain or small pond. The availability of ponds and fountains in a large range of shapes and sizes encourages their installation in a backyard of any size. If you possess plenty of open space and bigger budget, it may be worthwhile getting installed a petite waterfall along with a bigger pond. Birds could find this arrangement attractive for having an occasional dip and perhaps a quick bite while migrating to different places.

Aromatic Garden

Isn’t it great to have backyards with pleasant smell? Yes, we all are receptive to smells. If you intend having a low-priced backyard, you should prefer smell to sight. Along with flowers and other plants, you could include jasmine, lavender and thyme to have an attractive landscape that smells good too.


When you posses a bigger area and you have an equally generous budget, you may think on the lines of having bigger trees and shrubs. It’s a great idea to include hedges in your backyard, as they create an all natural fencing that enhances your privacy, creating a cocoon for you in the backyard of your own home. Another natural plant that serves almost the same purpose is the bamboos. This quickly growing plant helps creating a warm and appealing space.

Butterfly Gardens

Butterflies are among the most beautiful natural living beings that keep reminding us of regeneration and rebirth. They are simply gorgeous. You can make your place attractive for butterflies by planting easy-on-the-pocket plants like oregano and marigolds. The best thing is that you can create butterfly garden even if you had only small area at your disposal.