Pest Control

Bug of the Month: Fleas

One of the most dreaded household pests are fleas. Once they get into your home, it can be difficult to get rid of them. Since they are so tiny, they can hide in your walls, floor cracks and other out of the way places. They quickly lay eggs and end up multiplying. Many of these products that you can get over-the-counter aren’t effective at getting rid of them. To treat the infestation, look through the following information.

Fleas are a Common Problem

In the US, there are many different species of fleas. The most common are the cat flea. They like humans, cats and dogs. Even though a single flea might only live for a few months, they are capable of laying as many as 50 eggs in a day. They can hatch in a few days to a couple weeks. A single flea can cause a whole host of problems, so you need to address it right away.

Infestation Signs

There are several things to look for to determine if your home is infested. If you notice your pet scratching or biting, it might be fleas. It might also be a sign of a different issue, so you need to visit the vet for a proper diagnosis. If you notice your ankles and legs being bitten by these tiny black insects jumping from the floor, you probably have fleas in the home. They are tiny, black and without wings, but their bites are wicked. If they are having a feast on you and your pets, you will probably notice it quickly.

Fleas: Where Did They Come From?

Family pets are the most common culprit for infestations. A flea preventative isn’t capable of protecting your pet fully, so you need to make sure your pet is getting their preventatives when they need them. Remember, pets aren’t always to blame. Fleas can easily be carried on your belongings or clothing, especially if you were out in the fields. Check pant legs and socks before coming inside. If you are the carrier, you might not realize that you gave them a free ride until they are embedded in your carpets.

Getting Rid of Fleas

The first step is making sure that you pets are properly treated for fleas. Next, vacuum your floors thoroughly. Immediately empty the canister or get rid of the bag in a trash can outside. Then, give a pest control service a call. Even though there are a number of methods for treating the infestation on your own, you might find the methods aren’t working. Frustration sets in with the expensive treatment methods being used. We have all of the latest in technology to eliminate the fleas from your home and prevent them from hatching. Let the team of professionals take care of your pests. Schedule your appointment today.