Using Sulfuric Drain Cleaner – Pros and Cons

When some people need to do drain cleaning to get rid of a stopped drain or make the water run faster through it, they will use sulfuric drain cleaner. For cleaning a clogged drain this can be an effective tool but it can be very dangerous also. Make sure if you choose to use it that you are taking the right safety precautions. Wear a mask to avoid breathing in the toxic fumes and gloves and a long sleeve shirt to protect your hands and arms. Before you decide to use sulfuric acid drain cleaner, you should look at the pros and cons.


For drain cleaning, sulfuric acid drain cleaner is simple to use, can chemically break down several different materials, is available in low concentrations, and can generate heat to melt blockages. With the exception of clogs that are solid, very heavy, and caused by inorganic materials, this drain cleaner can remove almost any reasonable clog. You do not need any special training to use this drain cleaning method but you do have to use it in strict accordance with the recommended safety precautions. All you have to do is carefully pour the drain cleaner into the drain and leave it to work through the clog.


The three main cons are that it emits fumes when used, if it touches your skin it can cause serious harm, and if it is not used correctly it can cause death. When using it for drain cleaning make sure that the area is well ventilated because as soon as it is exposed to air it emits the harmful fumes that are caustic and highly toxic. Do not open it close to your face because it can have the potential to burn the tissue inside your lungs and nose and cause eye irritation if you inhale it too deeply. When you pour it in the drain be careful you do not splash it on your face or anywhere on your body. One thing to remember is that until the clog is dissolved the fumes will persist in the room. Keep a fan on or open the windows to make sure there is enough ventilation.

In conclusion

It is important to remember that if the drainer cleaner does not clear out the clog the sulfuric acid is still in the drain. If you have to call a plumber, you need to let them know that you used this toxic cleaner. Also, do not use it in any device, including the garbage disposal that has the potential to splash this drain cleaning fluid back outside the drain. It is toxic but follow the safety precautions exactly and you will be safe to use sulfuric acid for drain cleaning.