Top Five Ways to Use Stone Slabs

Granite and Marble Slabs

When it comes to using granite or marble slabs in the home, there are endless possibilities. Granite, including marble, has more range of colors and patterns than any other slab product making it easy to find the perfect fit for any style. Natural stone has the uncanny ability to span different styles effortlessly with the variety of color combinations and vein movement. Different granite colors have the ability to strengthen the design of the space, for instance a small speckled pattern in earth tones like Santa Cecilia has a western flare, whereas a large vein striations in green and gray like Amazonia has a hint of tropical or coastal feel. Regardless of the color, granite has proven to be such a durable and long lasting material that it has become increasingly popular to use the stone in unconventional ways. However, there are five main uses that far exceed any out-of-the-box applications when it comes to practicality and reliability.

One. Kitchen Countertop

Still at number one, granite kitchen countertops still top the charts in popularity. Granite slab countertops not only look great in the kitchen, but their ability to wear well, clean easily, and maintain their value surpasses other countertop options on the market today.

Two. Bathroom Vanity

Either in small bathrooms with a single cabinet or large master with double vanities and dressing areas, granite and marble countertops are the most popular choices, and with good reason. The wide variety of pattern makes it possible to choose a stone for the bathrooms that feel more intimate and personal. Marble is the most popular choice in bathrooms for this reason. With a thinner thickness, simple edge profile, and smooth vein pattern the bathroom takes on a whole new sophistication with this natural stone element.

Three. Shower Surround

Shower surrounds are a constant challenge with the large amounts of water that can lead to potential leaks or mold and mildew problems. The smart solution for shower walls is solid stone slabs since they are naturally water resistant and simple to clean. This not only eliminates grout joints, which pose the major weakness in a shower, but keeps the shower easier to protect against soap scum and residue. Granite and marble slabs, with the stunning colors and movement, also add great interest to an otherwise boring bathroom. In master bathrooms where the tub is separate from the shower, the granite or marble can be easily extended around the tub and on the tub deck. Coordinating the surfaces with complimentary or matching colors is simple with such a wide variety of color options.

Four. Table Top

For a truly custom and valuable piece of furniture, granite or marble table tops add interest and practicality. The top can be replaced on nearly any type of table, desk, buffet, or console. An expected piece of furniture to have a granite or marble top is a dining table, but using an unexpected color or choosing an unexpected base it a savvy way to achieve a fresh look. It is common to find marble tops on buffets and other serving pieces, but for the same reasons, a stone surface for a desk wears far better than wood and is more durable than glass.

Five. Outdoor Kitchen

Granite countertops are so durable and easy to clean that they make the perfect solution for outdoor kitchens. Both covered and uncovered granite countertops wear well outdoors since the material is a natural stone that resists the natural elements. Even if granite countertops are left unattended for long periods of time outdoors, they can be easily restored to original condition. A little deep cleaning and periodic sealing protects the stone against water spots and dirt. If metal is left on the granite and rusts the surface, there are special natural stone products designed to remove stains. Outdoor granite countertops make having an outdoor living space and kitchen area carefree and much more enjoyable.