Taking Care of Your Items for Storage

Storehouses have been growing rapidly in the recent years in some countries. While it is mainly in the USA that they have been in demand, other developed countries like Australia, UK and France have followed suit. Companies that provide removals and storage used to be hired mostly by offices. But lately, more and more people have discovered how convenient they are when they need more space in their homes. If you are thinking of having your goods stored in a rented facility, you also need to be aware of some reminders so that you can keep your belongings in good condition while stored in a depot.

Furniture is, perhaps, the most popular item that is placed in storehouse units. Your furniture must be cleaned thoroughly and covered with plastic or cloth before storing. Chairs, chaise longue, couches and the like must be vacuum cleaned to get rid of crumbs so as not to attract pests.

You need to empty the contents of drawers and cabinets to protect their structure. To save space and prevent damage, disassemble legs and other such parts from beds, desks and other furniture. If your tables cannot be disassembled, store them upside down or with legs pointing towards the ceiling.

Appliances like refrigerators and freezers should be thoroughly clean and dry before placing in a rented storeroom. You should place deodorizers inside the refrigerators and freezers and leave their doors slightly ajar.

Your television set and similar electrical equipment are best stored in their original boxes. But, since in most cases, you have already disposed them not too long after purchasing, bubble wraps and sturdy boxes would do. Just make sure you wrap and pack them snugly. Your precious old stereo should have its turntable and tone arm secured enough.

You should also remember to place heavy items at the rear of your storehouse unit. From there, you go on storing towards the door and going up with lighter items. Do not forget that you might want to allow space for your walkway.

Some companies offering removals and storage provide cartons and accessories specifically for the purposes of their storehouses. You might want to consider using them to make your packing and storing easier.

Finally, you should keep a list of all the items in your rented facility and insure your stored belongings. Ask your agent if your renter’s insurance will cover your items in storage.