Storage Garage

The Benefits Of A Heated Garage

What used to be solely a storage space for the family automobile has become much more. True, the garage is still the place where you keep your vehicle, your motorcycle, bicycles and other family articles. However, many families have expanded the garage’s usefulness into an area that functions as much more than a storage area. Some families have taken advantage of the space and have created an area for family fun as well as family functionality.

Depending on the present size of your garage, you might consider expanding it. Other than that, heating the garage is the first step in creating a comfortable space to accommodate other activities. With a well-planned layout, the garage can be turned into a space that could accommodate several different functions. Let’s look at a few:

Work Up a Sweat

A heated garage can easily be transformed into a workout area. Add some basic exercise equipment like a stair tread machine, a bench, dumbbells and perhaps a stationary bike and you have a nifty personal gym. You can organize a daily group exercise session with neighbors and friends; they can even add their own equipment to the mix. Bring out a radio or a TV, a large mirror, a cooler with drinks and a few lawn chairs. Your group can enjoy the benefits of group encouragement and participation in a comfy atmosphere.

Add a Garden of Eden

With the garage properly heated, you can transform the garage into a delightful garden of sorts with the addition of plants, a hot tub, candles and perhaps some new age CDs. Install lighting that can be lowered for ambiance. As an extra bonus, add a ceiling window to see the stars. When the kids are at school, in bed, out playing or visiting, you and your spouse can relax in your own garden of Eden. Install a lock on the door and your privacy is assured no matter where the kids are.

Bring Out the Artiste in You

If you have artistic talent or would like to work on one, create a pleasant artist loft without the loft. Privacy and tranquility are yours. If there are outside, distracting noises, purchase a white noise machine that will cover the external sounds with a steady whisper of white noise. They’re ideal for the job and inexpensive. Set up your easel, table or whatever work surface you require and relax your mind as you create from the heart.

Get Your Game On

A heated garage also makes a great man cave. Add a couple of couches, a recliner or two and a wide TV; your garage will soon be the neighborhood’s best place to watch the game. Install a refrigerator, some neon party signs and a small bar to complete the atmosphere. When there’s no game, or you choose to have a weekly family night, it will be the ideal family game room. With a pool table, dart board and table with chairs, the family has an outstanding family room.

Of course, a heated garage is also convenient for keeping your vehicle out of the weather. However, once you transform your ordinary garage into your own private studio, garden, game room or gym, the benefits for the family vehicle may seem secondary. Your family life, however, will be in tip top shape. You’ll all probably find yourselves going out less and enjoying family time more.

Heating your garage is the first step. Once you do, you’ll never look back.