You can create a slip-free environment even though your facility processes grease, water and fluids of every kind. Drainage mats are the best way to achieve this. Custom logo rug Drainage Safe mats, one of the best drainage products on the market, is a great way to make sure liquid splashes and drips run off. These mats are ideal for industrial and commercial applications. They can also be used in a wide variety of industries.

Custom logo rug is made of 100% recycled rubber. The mats are made of high quality materials, are extremely durable, and can withstand anything from chemicals to oil to acid. This makes them ideal for a varied range of uses.

Custom logo rugs mats are very slip resistant (DIN 51130 – R11). They can be used to greatly reduce slip-and fall injuries and accidents. The mats meet all international standards and have a high level of liquid drainage. Custom logo rug’s safety features make it the ideal mat choice for employers.

It can cause health problems and discomfort for employees if they have to stand for long periods of time. Standing for long periods of time can constrict blood flow to feet, legs and feet, leading to discomfort. Hard floors can add to the discomfort. Custom logo rug’s anti fatigue properties offer a soft cushioned platform for employees to sit on. It reduces discomfort immediately. The mat allows for slight movement throughout the day, which promotes blood flow and keeps employees comfortable. This is vital as unhappy employees cannot do their job effectively. They can be distracted, which not only lowers productivity but could also cause mistakes that could endanger the business. These anti-fatigue mats can make their work environment more comfortable and increase productivity.

The mat forms a layer between floor and feet. It also protects any objects from falling to the floors. These mats have noise and thermal reducing qualities that make the work environment more pleasant.

Open grid technology allows liquids and fluids instant drainage by not giving them much surface area. The mat is slip resistant thanks to the diamond tread pattern on its top and base.

Custom logo rug mats help improve the facility’s hygiene. The mats are designed to catch and drain all types of spills. These mats keep all spills and messes in the facility from spreading via shoes soles.

Let’s go over the benefits and features offered by Custom logo rug mats.

  • It is certified high slip resistance DIN 5131, R11 so that it can resist dangerous slips.
  • These mats can be recycled 100%, which makes them great for the environment.
  • It has been proven that anti-fatigue properties help employees stay productive, comfortable, safe, and well.
  • These mats, which are extraordinarily durable, are made of a recycled rubber mixture that is extra resistant to environmental and traffic assaults.
  • This mat is chemical and oil- and acid-resistant and can be placed anywhere there is extreme punishment or testing.
  • Excellent drainage certification. It is safe to rest assured that no liquids or fluids are allowed to sit on the mat surface. This can cause slippery conditions and all manner of accidents.
  • Custom logo rug has a width of 4′ and can be ordered with custom lengths. This makes finding the right configuration for your space easy, so it is perfect for you.
  • Easy to clean up and maintain
  • Available in a solid Black