Build Your Own Beautiful Garden Bench From DIY Bench Plans

The first thing an avid gardener would need in his garden apart from beautiful plants is a beautiful garden bench. This is very important for one to sit and enjoy the beauty of the garden. The bigger the garden, more the benches would be required. If you are a gardener with basic woodworking skills then DIY garden benches are the perfect solution for enhancing the beauty of your garden.

1. You don’t need to be a woodworking genius to follow DIY bench plans.

With the help of a step-by-step guide even a novice can build a garden bench. The important thing is to have proper tools which are required to do the work. Before the DIY plan is finalized be sure to check if you have the required tools for the job.

The bench can be made either in a simple design or a complex one depending on how good your basic woodworking skills are. Depending on how experienced you are the DIY bench plans can be selected. If you are a beginner the basic backless bench is the best option to start with.

2. Selection of wood for an outdoor bench is critical.

As the bench is required for the garden, the wood selected should be that which can bear all types of weather. If this is the first time you are working on a woodwork project then it is better to stick to cheaper woods. For the next project you can invest in more expensive wood if needed.

Some of the choices of wood can be teak and cedar. These are said to be all weather enduring, pest resistant and extremely durable. Teak is used for ship building and is the best wood to be used. There are many benches in England that are more than hundred years old that are made from teakwood.

3. The type of wood will determine finishing touches you use and the color you prefer.

If the best quality wood like cedar and teak are used, then one would definitely want to protect it and not hamper its natural ability to repel moisture and pests. By painting over the wood it is getting covered for the best reasons for using this type of wood. So, if you are planning to paint then it is better to use any other type of wood. For teak it is advised to use teak oil and sealant that the shipbuilders use to keep their ships in pristine condition.

In the least minimum time you would be the owner of a beautifully created garden bench. It will be a great spot from which to watch the flowering plants and bushes in the garden.