Travertine Tiles – The 7 Benefits of This Stunning Natural Stone

Travertine tiles are a multi-faceted natural stone flooring choice that offers a range of advantages. The below information provides carefully selected benefits that will leave you well-informed.

Benefit one encapsulates appealing features as Travertine tile is a natural soft stone similar to that of limestone but because of its density it is also considered a type of marble that has been around for hundreds of years and is widely used in homes across Italy and Greece to make flooring, walls and pavers.

Benefit two is accessibility as Travertine tiles are readily available, meaning that if you the home or business owner should need to replace one or more of the tiles then this will be an easy project to complete. Travertine tile is not man-made therefore the stone is able to be cut in the same patterns and shapes as the original flooring required.

Benefit three discusses the ease of installation. Whether you opt to hire a travertine tile flooring specialist or you have the skills and confidence to take on the job yourself, it is the general consensus that this type of tile is one of the easiest natural materials to cut and fit each piece into any shaped room or corner no matter how oddly shaped. Entrance areas and stairs where other stone types such as marble can be incredibly difficult to maintain.

Benefit four is cross cutting as this type of cut encourages a more regular match in texture and colour as it is cut along the grain of the natural stone which allows for the pattern to be easily repeated, leaving you with a beautiful floor or wall that offers a pleasing flow to any room.

Benefit five is that this tile type is environmentally friendly. Travertine tiles, unlike porcelain tiles, are natural stone, carved out of quarries and then cross-cut into smaller blocks. We are all becoming more aware about the dangers of global warming and its effects on nature as more and more homes are choosing eco-friendly products that are durable. Once travertine tiles are sealed they do not absorb dust or chemicals helping to keep your home not only charming in appearance but also bacteria free.

Benefit six covers the incredible variety of colours available. Not only is travertine renowned for its invigorating beauty this type of stone tile is available in many colours from ivory and beige through to walnut and many more. There is something for everyone to envision in his or her home or commercial premises, the tumbled and unfilled finish giving the consumer that rustic finish or if preferred, travertine tiling can provide a more traditional look that is a smooth polished finish.

Benefit seven, the last of our carefully selected benefits, considers how low maintenance this tile type is. Travertine tiles are robust and have many long-lasting qualities, which are easy to maintain and easily kept clean. Home walls require a lot of maintenance generally, yet travertine walls are one of the most cost-effective and user-friendly as this tile does not require any expensive abrasive or acidic cleaners to keep them clean.

Travertine tiles can offer an increase to a home’s real estate and re-sale value and the usage possibilities are endless; installation of kitchens and counters, bathrooms and wet rooms, living areas, sink counters, floors, walls, hallways, stairs, tabletops and end tables plus outside areas including patios, driveways and pool surrounds.

If you would like to transform your home or business premises into that of splendor and elegance whilst playing your part in increasing your green carbon footprint, then travertine tiles are definitely something to consider and an investment that you will be pleased with for many years to come.