Storage Garage

Calculating Amount of Storage Unit Space Required

Self storage is becoming a necessity in our daily lives today. We need extra space to store all of our things for a long duration. Self storage units come in all sorts of sizes and we need to know our space requirement before deciding on the unit size. Too small a size and you will need to spend extra money and time to upgrade to a bigger one. Too big a size and you will waste money for all those excess space that you will never utilise. So how do you calculate the amount of storage unit space that is required?

1.5m x 1.5m unit

A 1.5m x 1.5m unit is roughly the size of a walk in closet. It is the smallest unit available and is sufficient enough to store only a few things like boxes, tables, luggage and even a small 2 door fridge.

3m x 1.5m unit

A 3m x 1.5m unit is approximately the size of a quarter of a garage. You are able to store slightly bigger items such as mahjong tables, chairs, portable BBQ pit, apparel and even a queen sized bed! To maximise the available space, you can even use the walls to hang your things or install shelves.

3m x 2.4m unit

A 3m x 2.4m unit size is roughly the size of a garden shed and is big enough to hold items of 2 people. You are able to store items up to the size of 2 bedroom in it.

3m x 3m

With storage space half the size of a car garage, it can store most of the items out there. You can easily store things up to the size of 3 bedrooms and you can even keep your toys collection. It is also big enough to store a small yacht.

3m x 4.5m

This storage size is big enough to store things like a basic gym equipment set consisting of treadmill and free weights as well as small automobiles like motorbikes.

3m x 6m

This unit offers storage space of the size of 2 garages and is ideal for a total of 4 people storage. You can store almost everything in here from cars to motorbikes to gym equipment to large electrical items.

There are so many different storage unit sizes available and you should always plan ahead to know what exactly you want to store, what are the possible future growth as well as the layout of the storage unit to calculate the amount of space required.