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The Costs Involved With Installing A Garage Door

Homeowners can improve the value of their home by installing or replacing a garage door. The typical garage door forms nearly a third of the average home’s facade, and is replaced far more often than any other exterior component of a home. Dated styles can detract from a home’s visual appeal; an experienced DIY builder can replace an older design with a more modern garage door without great difficulty. Homeowners still using them for more than 20 years old should strong consider a new door for the improved security and insulation offered by modern construction standards. Adding or replacing an automatic door opener should be done during installation of the new door.

Installing a new one is always a two person job, never to be undertaken alone. Hinged retracting panels or single panel tilt-up doors are the two most popular garage doors; both models operate on the same principle and install using the same equipment. Homeowners wishing to install a door need not invest in specialized equipment for the job beyond a few stepladders and power tools. Steel rods for manipulating the torsion spring will come in handy, as will locking pliers. A homeowner’s largest installation cost will be the door itself. The least expensive doors are made of aluminum and tilt away from the opening as a single unit. These doors are sturdy, but do not have windows or other customization; they also dent easily. Doors priced in the middle range may be made of aluminum, steel, or wood panels. These individual panels tend to resist damage better than single-piece doors, and often offer a selection of panel designs from which to choose. High-end garage doors are made of reinforced and insulated steel or wood paneling, with elaborate designs customized to match the facade of the home. Expensive doors like this are significantly heavier than any other model.

Construction technology has come a long way in a short period of time. Doors more than 20 years old will be significantly less secure than newer models. Homeowners should weigh the costs of not replacing an old door when considering the cost of installing a new one. Garage doors represent a weak point for security systems; an easily breached or bypassed door means easy access to the garage and possibly even the home. Insulation technology has had an even greater impact on the heating and cooling efficiency of a home with a new garage door installed. Improper or inefficient insulation at the garage increases the energy costs of maintaining a home.

An automatic opener can be a wise investment, and installs conveniently along with a new door. As with any technology, the price of an automatic door opener varies dramatically with its features and the reputation of the manufacturer. All commercial models install along with the garage door using the same track system and tool set; models designed for home use run on regular house current, and many garages have outlets built into the ceiling in order to accommodate potential installation.

Homeowners wishing to invest their own time and effort into replacing a garage door can find the task rewarding and save money in the process.