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Effective Clothes Drying All Year Round

Washing our clothes can take a long time, especially before we are able to wear them again as they will need to be dried and ironed before we can wear them again, or at least if we want to look presentable that is! A lot of people will need to wash a shirt before a night out or for work the next day and so a lot of people will need to quickly wash and dry their clothes in a hurry.

Drying our clothes is one part that can take a lot of time; even with the use of a tumble dryer many people find that their clothes are still damp as well as being scorching hot when they come out of the dryer. So how can we effectively dry our clothes? Obviously using a tumble dryer correctly can help, if you over load a tumble dryer then there will be a strong chance that your clothes won’t be dried as there isn’t much space for the warm air to permeate your clothes.

Usually drying a half load of wet clothes is recommended, this can be difficult with combination washer dryers as you may have to unload some clothes before drying or only washing half a load to begin with. The alternative is to dry your clothes in other ways, more natural ways.

Drying clothes on a line can infuse your clothes with the fresh air and as long as there is decent weather and it doesn’t rain then you’ll be able to dry a lot of clothes in a short space of time, especially during the summer. In the winter though the cold air and the poor weather could mean our clothes take a long time to dry and many people won’t risk them being rained on prolonging the process.

Clothes maidens or drying racks can help dry your clothes if your home is warm inside, it’s important that you dry your clothes in a well ventilated space though as the damp in the air could damage the wallpaper or your walls and ceilings. This is why people are recommended not to put damp clothes or towels on radiators, with a window open you can prevent any moisture building up in the air and help your clothes dry quicker.

A lot of homes have heated towels rails in their bathrooms these days which can be great to dry lightly used towels and can be a perfect place to store them rather than being left in a heap on the floor after they have been used but again you should make sure the room is properly ventilated.